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Persistent Links to Scientific Web Resources

Your favorite web service is no longer reachable? We know that feeling: almost half of all scientific web services change their URL within five years, our study shows.

Avoid this problem for your users: use to persistently link to your service! Benefits:

  • you'll never have to change your web resource's link address
  • new: deep links, provide users with direct links to your resource's sub-pages, e.g.
  • when you move your web server, simply change the target of your link
  • get statistics on your redirects: timing, refering sites, IPs
  • make your web resource's link easy to remember by giving it a short, telling name
  • set links for testing and developing and protect them with a password

Even better news: the service is free to use and the links will be archived permanently with the Internet Archive's 301works project.

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